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Staff Development

Training & Development

We will provide and support further development and training throughout an employee’s career in order to maintain and enhance the standards of performance over a period of time.

We will endeavour to provide and support development and training for any employees who may take on new work or face a new work environment to help them deal competently with
their work.

The responsibility for training and development is shared 3 ways:

1. Managers

Responsible for ensuring their team is competent to perform their roles. They should review employee’s training needs as part of probationary and appraisal processes and provide the most effective means of training – booking formal training through Staff Development, facilitating informal on the job training and evaluating impact of training on performance.

2. Employees

Responsible for self development and self managed learning; for example, being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and appreciating the benefits of training, having a positive attitude towards training and actively seeking opportunities both on and off the job. Where necessary ensuring your professional memberships are kept up to date and fulfilling required hours of continuous professional development (CPD) in line with professional association guidance. CPD logs will need to be presented as part of your annual appraisal.

3. Staff Development team within the Human Resources department

Responsible for providing advice and information on training, development and learning issues, organising the provision of training and facilities and monitoring, evaluating and recording training.

Professional Association Memberships

The College does not undertake costs for individual’s professional memberships.

The College may decide to have a “College Membership” with an association where this would be deemed efficient in allowing a group of employees access to the associations resources.

Teaching Qualifications

It is a stipulation of contract that all new teaching staff joining the college should be working towards their licence to practice and ATLS or QTLS (dependant on job role). It is compulsory that all staff new to teaching complete an initial teaching qualification within twelve months of their start date.

Calderdale College requires its entire teaching staff regardless of start date or contract type to be working towards completion of the PGCE/Cert Ed or equivalent.

Further Information

Further information relating to the FE reforms and professionalisation of the sector is available through the Institute for Learning (IfL) and Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) websites. If you are unsure of your route to gaining a licence to practice please contact the Staff Development Officer.

You can email [email protected] or telephone us on 01422 399393.